New Light Stir finished

Category : Films March 30, 2010

Finally finished! And sent off to the first film festival on our hit list, Edinburgh.

The Trailer coming soon to a video hosting service near you…

New Light Stir

Category : Films October 5, 2009

I’m currently editing New Light Stir, a 30-ish-minute live action drama with the writer Mike Mallett, a tutor colleague from Trafford College. It’s looking pretty damn good. I’m declaring right now though that this is the last film I’ll make in standard definition DV. We shot it all on Sony PD170’s with the settings pushed as far towards ‘cinematic’ as we could – shallow depth of field, sharpness set to minimum, no gain etc . We ran a preview section of it back on a 40inch Sony Bravia and winced as it made mincemeat of our proudest shots. Still, it looks great on a CRT screen, and through a projector should be pretty good.

Trafford College Promo Videos

Category : Films July 11, 2009

Over the summer I took on a freelance project for the college to update their promo videos (originally created by Mojofuel). This involved shooting new material and merging this with footage from the original Mojofuel tapes, creating titles and motion graphics, and plenty of soundtrack work to create 20 two-minute pieces that felt seamless and unified.

I’ll maybe post a best-of compilation up here soon.


Category : Films, Soundtrack June 5, 2005

080 was my graduation project . I developed the music in FL Studio while┬ásimultaneously┬ádevising the visuals with Maya. This enabled me to let the project evolve – a change of direction in the composition of the music would also affect the visual style and vice versa. The piece in a way became a reflection of the process that made it. 080 won Best Student Film at FilMid Festival 2006, was a finalist in both the Music Video and Student Film categories at the British Animation Awards 2006, and screened at over 40 venues internationally.